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A Word from Nathan...

"I can't get used to the air here. Feels unnatural with the heavy pollution of the city. Sucking on a cheap cigarette is a good way to fill the lungs with something that isn't car fumes and sewerage.

The stars dance idly in the sky whilst looming down on a sector of the City that was forgotten long ago. Ideas of gentrifying this place were quickly dismissed because...well...you can clean the surface but it will always stay dirty underneath.

My name is Nathan Ryker. I set up this Detective Agency over a month ago and I'm good at it. Most of the time, I'm usually working for rich ladies in their 40's trying to catch their husbands having their end away with hookers and jailbait in sleazy hotel rooms.

It pays well but not enough to get out of a red light district. Two months, and I've not even been once in to that strip club to make it rain cash. Guess I'm too much of a gentleman. Heh.

Mind you, I wouldn't know what to do in there even if I went in...

...perspective. That's all it takes in this job to change everything."


Alix: A MONITOR Story is a narrative-based point and click game that revolves around the player character of Nathan Ryker; a budding private investigator and detective who is trying to make an honest living but has had to set up in the inner-city areas of New York. Alix is a young woman who has called on Nathan’s telephone and can prove to be a sarcastic handful when trying to get information from her. However, her life could be in possible danger depending on the conversation that has been taken and it is up to the player to keep her alive…or things may get worse.

7 different endings and 120 choices to make...

...I hope you know what the right decision is...


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